A Dog Daycare In Okotoks Designed To Meet Your Dogs Unique Needs


At Gus’s, we believe that doggy daycare should be FUN and not a stressful event for our clients or their owners. We take great pride in our tender love and care of the animals that come into our daycare, and feel a bond to them as we get to know all the dogs individually, and they become part of our family at Gus’s. We offer doggy daycare which was designed for your dog’s enjoyment and needs, but created to give peace of mind for you that your fur baby is being well looked after while you are away.

Open Concept Design

We have an open concept design and do not use kennels at Gus’s, unless specifically requested by the owners. One of our greatest priorities is the safety and security of the dogs, and cleanliness of the daycare. We supervise the play groups to ensure everyone is playing nicely, and that those dogs who really enjoy human company get loving attention and pets from our staff.

Throughout the day, our dog groups spend time playing, socializing, napping, eating lunch (for those who request it), and going outside to The Yard.

Appropriate Grouping

Your dog will be grouped according to size, temperament, and individual needs; we try to match the dogs up according to what best suits them and the group. We are sensitive to the fact that every dog has his or her own personality, feelings, and needs, and we try to make their daycare experience the best it can be. Our aim is to provide a visit full of fun, play, chase, love, and hugs.

Leaving your pet alone is never an easy experience for pet or pet parent. Gus’s “Pack Leaders” will ensure your pet is always comfortable, safe and loved in their home away from home.