Dog Daycare Requirements
And Facility Policies



To ensure quality care of all of our guests, all dogs attending our doggy daycare must meet the requirements below and have a completed the Dog Daycare Waiver Form.


We do not have age restrictions, only that your little one has had their first 2 sets of vaccinations. We just love puppies; what better way to start off those social skills then at daycare.


Pets over one year must be spayed or neutered with a valid certificate.


All pets must have up to date vaccinations.  Owners must submit valid certificates with application for DPP, Rabies and Bordatella. Vaccines required are Rabies, Distemper, Parafinfluenze, Parvovirus and Bordatella.  Canine parainfluenza is a highly contagious respiratory disease that is frequently confused with kennel cough.

All pets are required to have a veterinary prescribed flea/tick treatment every 30 days such as Advantage Multi or Revolution.

We ask that as your vaccinations are updated annually, you please bring copies of these updated vaccines in to keep your pet’s records up to date.


All pets must be in good health.  On admission, all pets must be free from ANY condition which could potentially put other guests at risk.

Pets that have had a communicable condition like Kennel Cough, in the last 30 days require a veterinarian certificate of health to be admitted or re-admitted to the day care. Dogs that have contracted Kennel Cough must stay out of the day care for at least 2 weeks; and will not be permitted back without a certificate of health from their veterinarian.

If your pet is showing signs of illness, such as coughing, diarrhea, weeping eyes, vomiting etc. you will be contacted immediately to have your pet picked up.  Owners will be expected to take the sick pet to the vet and report the findings prior to the pet being re-admitted to the facility.  Your pet will not be permitted in group activities if found ill.  We want to ensure the health of all pets entrusted in our care.  Thank you for understanding!


All dogs attending daycare must be non-aggressive.  At Gus’s Day Diggs Inc. we will not have any acceptance of fighting, biting, or other aggressive behaviours towards people or other dogs.  If your pet is showing aggressive behaviour that persists, you will be contacted to have your dog picked up and the aggressive pet will be put into a large holding kennel until it is picked up.


Our facility does have a maximum capacity for dogs, therefore we take daycare by reservation and have a cancellation policy in effect.


We require you to call and book your daycare reservation in advance of your arrival.  You may call the same day you'd like to come, but be prepared that we may be fully booked and unable to accept your reservation request that day.  We do this is that we can ensure we do not exceed our capacity, for the safety and enjoyment of all our furry guests in daycare.


We require notification of cancellations by 8:00 a.m. the day of your reservation, so that we may give your spot to another customer wishing to attend daycare.  If you do not notify us of your cancelled reservation by this time, we will charge you upon your next visit or deduct the missed day from your pass on file.