Pamper Your Pooch With Our Okotoks Dog Grooming & Spa Services



What sets grooming at Gus's Day Diggs apart from the rest of the Okotoks Dog Grooming companies?  Not only do we have great availability of appointments, but we use premium natural products, have years of experience and offer special perks for clients too. Take advantage of our Okotoks Dog Spa services to pamper your pooch!

Premium Products

All of the products we use are premium quality, hypoallergenic and gentle on dogs with sensitive skin.  Made with natural ingredients, essential oils, and botanical extracts, our products are gentle on your dog and the environment.  Our knowledgeable groomer chooses the right products for your dog's coat and needs, making all the difference on your dog's coat.

High-Quality Grooming Standards

Our groomer has years of experience and keeps current on modern techniques to ensure the dogs comes out of her room looking its best while making it a comfortable groom for the dog.  With patient handling and care, your dog's experience is as important as the final look when they leave our grooming salon.  Our commitment to high-quality service for both you and your precious pet sets us apart.

Special Perks For Our Clients

Book your next groom within 8 weeks, and receive 10% off your grooming services at that next appointment.  Regular grooms keep your dog's coat and skin clean and healthy, and makes grooming appointments more enjoyable for your dog.

We offer free face trims between grooms to keep bangs at bay and vision clear.  Make sure your dog's hair doesn't become overgrown and affect his or her ability to see.

Nail trims are just $10 between grooms at Gus's Day Diggs!

A Rewarding Referral Program - Tell Your Friends!

Save money on your next groom by telling your friends about our grooming services!  When a friend of yours uses our services, you'll receive a $10 credit placed onto your account for future use towards any service or purchase at Gus's Day Diggs (daycare, grooming, retail or training!).  Refer multiple friends, and your credits will add up quickly.


All grooms include nose-to-tail inspection, nail trim and ear cleaning.  All pricing below reflects the STARTING prices based on size of dog and condition of coat; please note larger dogs are priced higher than small dogs.

Bath & Brush

Treat your dog to a bath and brushing, to keep their shedding hair at bay.  For short-haired dogs only who don't require trimming, a Bath & Brush is a great way to stay on top of shedding hair.

$35.00 & up

Bath, Brush & Tidy

Treat your dog to a bath, brush, and trim around the bum, face, ears, legs and feet.  This is a great way to maintain your dog's coat between grooms if they require full grooms (such as a bichon or labradoodle), or to regularly maintain a shedding coat to keep them clean and tidy.

$40.00 & up

Kennel Cut

An easy-to-maintain style that keeps the same length all over, under a half-inch in length.

$50.00 & up

Teddy Bear Cut

A fluffy style that leaves the legs and face full, while the body is trimmed as desired.  Length is a 1/2 to 1 inch.

$60.00 & up

Breed Cut

A variety of breed-specific styles can be done, depending on your dog and desires.

$70.00 & up

Puppy Groom

For puppies under 6 months, this groom includes all the essentials to get them comfortable with grooming. Includes a bath, blow dry, nail trim, brushing and ear cleaning. NOTE: no other specials or discounts apply to this service.



All pricing is based on size of dog. Extras can be added to any groom.

Pawdicure (nail dremel)

A gentle filing of your pets nails for a soft, smooth finish, and a pad massage with a natural pad moisturizer.


Blueberry Facial

Made from natural products including blueberries, avocado, coconut oil and aloe... this facial will exfoliate, moisturize and brighten hair.


Mud Bath

Add-on a luxurious mud bath (choose from Soothing Mud or Shed Safely).  Soothing Mud is an all-natural hot spot dog treatment for irritated, itchy, blemished skin, loaded with antioxidants and astringent ingredients to promote healing and comfort.  Shed Safely Mud treats dry skin, removes loose fur, releases undercoat, and unclogs hair follicles.

$18.00 & up

Plaque Cleanse

A natural and sedation free way to keep your pets teeth clean. Using a natural enzyme to break down and gently remove the plaque and tarter.



Add the convenience of a full day of daycare to your groom for the price of only half-day.